Family Trees

One root, many branches

Our family is big. Explaining all the relations can be a challenge so this tree, which aims to show all members (!) should be a visual help. We are still missing a lot of input. Please help with whatever info you have.

Showing all members in one tree gives a good overview, but can be cumbersome to navigate. On this page, below the main tree, we have also created separate trees, representing each child of the late Rev. H.L. Anang.

Please use the links in the names listed at the bottom of this page to explore the individual trees.

Main family tree

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Individual trees

 Victor Emmanuel Asamoa Anang

Clementine Dakoa Obese-Jecty

Gloria Adwo Anang

Emmanuel D. Aduama Anang

Comfort Kare Anang

Henry Asare Anang

Henry Mante Anang

Patricia Anima Anang

Florence Dakoa Anang

Beatrice Adwo Anang

Mary Manko Anang

Jane Leticia Kosi Anang

Felicia Dini Anang

Mary S. Adwo Anang

James S. Tieku Anang

Theodor Mante Anang