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On this page, there are links to numerous galleries. One section is dedicated to the 16 Siblings and their offspring. Each picture will ideally have some description to help identify the people and context. 

The remaining sections are about the Basel Mission, our hometown of Apirede or other miscellaneous groups or events.

This is not yet fully update. Just click on the title. If there are pictures maintained, you will be directed to them.

Funeral - Auntie Gloria​

Our most recent loss of the 16 Siblings.

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The Siblings' Gallery

Other Family Photos

Memories of events and meets

Our family would not exist in this form without the Basel Mission, which trained Osofo Apau as a teacher and a Reverend Misiter.

Basel! How often we heard that word. It was synonymous with Presbyterian. The mission keeps a well-maintained archive and here are some of their pictures from the missionary work it started in the 19th century. So far a picture of Osofo Apau has not been identified. However we have identified some persons he mentioned in his notes. This helps put some aspects of his history in context.

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Apirede, Akwapim and other Locations

and  surrounding towns…


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