Family Lists

Family Lists

All persons related to the Rev. H.L. Anang can be traced to one of his 16 children. With the links below, you can get a list of all persons related to one of the 16 and additional information on them.

 Victor Emmanuel Asamoa Anang

Clementine Dakoa Obese-Jecty

Gloria Adwo A. Anang

Emmanuel D. Aduama Anang

Comfort Kare Anang

Henry Asare Anang

Henry Mante Anang

Patricia Anima Anang

Florence Dakoa Anang

Beatrice Adwo Anang

Mary Manko Anang

Jane Leticia Kosi Anang

Felicia Dini Anang

Mary S. Adwo Anang

James S. Tieku Anang

Theodor Mante Anang