Chiefs of Apirede

This list was extracted from the notes of the Rev. H.L. Anang. It appears to have been started by him but continues by someone else with updated entries of chiefs whose reigned long after the Reverend had passed.

  1. Obonu Ayim – Founder of the town of Apirede
  2. Asamoa Sri
  3. Nsokae
  4. Gyekete I (Kwao)
  5. Gyekete Adaa
  6. Kwamena
  7. Gyekete Kofi
  8. Gyekete Odum
  9. Kwaku Adae
  10. Amakwatia
  11. Akwatia Mpatu
  12. Aye Kofi
  13. Kwaku Pese
  14. Kofi Koampa
  15. Obonu Ayim
  16. Kwao Okuampa II (Labi)
  17. Akwatia Mpatu II
  18. Kwabena Bie
  19. Saforo Okoampa II (Kofie)
  20. Akwatia Mpatu III (Kwabena Gyekete)
  21. Oboni Ayim III
  22. Saforo Okoampa III