1921/22 – About Sophia & Rosa

While stationed at Anum in the Trans-Volta District, the Rev. H.L. Anang’s lost his wife, Sophia Anang. He writes about this and his subsequent marriage to Ma Rosa as follows in his notes.

My beloved wife Sophia Anang died on the 23rd July 1921.

Sept. 14 1922: Engagement between myself and Rosa Oparebea took place at Boso.

14th Dec. 1922: The wedding took place at Boso Basel Mission Chapel. It was concecrated by Rev. Georg Agyakwa in the midst of a large concourse. Both Senior school Children, Girls Boarders (?) from Peki, Members and School Children from Anum, Kpalime and Boso associating. Two Leaders of the Basel and Wedega..(?) at Apirede who are my own brothers Adu Andreas and Sam Kwanyarko associating. The occasion was very grand and second to none.

NB: the reason for marrying in such a time only depends upon my transfer from Anum District to Kwanyako. The matter was put before me by the Synod Committee at the last Synod at Kyebi who advised me to marry at once before leaving to my new station. I thought over the matter for some months and found it better to follow their advice.

My transfer certificate was sent to me in December that I should go to Kwanyako to relieve Rev. Dave Asante. Preparations were made and after having finished everything, left to Apirede with my bride and family. There I spent one month as holidays, left Apirede and reached my new destination on the 6th Feb. 1923.